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Cressi -sub is the oldest underwater diving company presently existing, Cressi is a very popular brand with our students and members, we stock the latest freediving equipment.

We also stock Mares, Head, SUBGEAR, Northern Diver, Poseidon, Omer & Imersion all extremely popular within our club.





Tabitha Rowden

Tabitha Rowden, otherwise known as Tafa, is a Freediving 2000 instructor.

Since she completed her scuba diving open water course in 2006, Tabitha would often spend much of her time snorkelling and fining down to the bottom whilst on dive trips. It was this passion and experience in the water that led her to do more recognised and professional freediving courses recently.

One of Tafa's favourite aspects of freediving is using the monofin.

Tafa is also a qualified scuba diving instructor with particular interest in wrecks, rocks and photography.

Tafa is medic first aid trained along with how to use the O2 and AED.










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