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Cressi -sub is the oldest underwater diving company presently existing, Cressi is a very popular brand with our students and members, we stock the latest freediving equipment.

We also stock Mares, Head, SUBGEAR, Northern Diver, Poseidon, Omer & Imersion all extremely popular within our club.





Freediving Masks

Mares Star LiquidSkin

The Star LiquidSkin uses a Bi-silicone skirt that capitalizes on the exclusive Mares LiquidSkin® patent to achieve unbeatable comfort, durability, and light weight.

Colors: black/grey, black/alga


Mares Star

Utilizing new types of silicone help eliminate undesirable fogging, and the dual-button ergonomic buckles make it even easier to adjust the strap.

Colors: black, camouflage


Mares Tana

The skirt is made of very soft hypoallergenic liquid silicone, and its highly ergonomic shape makes it suitable for any shape of face.

Colors: black, black/brown, black/green, black/blue


Mares Viper

Mares introduces the new Viper mask; another revolutionary product.

Colors: black


Cressi Nano - Camo

Cressi Nano Mask - Single lense/Black silicone


Cressi - Super Occhio


Omer - Abyss

Colors: in Black with Clear or Mirrored Lenses



Aqua Sphere - Sphera

Ultra-low profile, the Sphera blends the best qualities of dive and swim masks.

Colors: black, White


SUBGEAR - Steel pro 

Unique super low volume frameless single lens freediving masks.

Colors: black, White & Clear



SUBGEAR - Steel Comp

Lowest possible volume double lens for minimal air use when equalizing.

Colors: black, White & Clear



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